Moving Back To Blogger, September 7, 2011

Well, the great WordPress experiment is over, and the verdict is in. Ollie’s blog is moving back over to its old digs on Blogger. There are just some issues with WordPress that make the blog’s continued presence here impossible.

So, starting tomorrow, the posting will happen there and over here on WordPress. Hopefully by Saturday, the RSS stuff will be moved over to there, and posting can happen just on the Blogger site.

I will NOT be moving all the posts from WordPress over to there. It’s a major pain, so what I will do instead is put a link down on the right hand side that points to it. I will probably make a few visual changes, but I don’t expect many. The blog was pretty well set when I left it, so I don’t anticipate too many changes.

Sorry for the confusion, and I want to thank Ollie’s readers for making the trek over. Hopefully, you’ll all make the trek back.

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