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Sunday with Ollie, July 31, 2011

(I keep telling Ollie there is NO WAY he can be cold! It’s 9 pm here, and it is STILL 102. Doesn’t matter.)      

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Shelter Cat Saturday, July 30, 2011

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….someone needs to come get their own personal Mistress of the Dark! Elvira has been at the shelter since early July and she really should be haunting someone’s lap!

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Thank you all

I want to thank all of you for the lovely comments about Elvis both here, on Elvis’ blog and in email/Facebook postings. As you can all imagine, the last 24 hours has been horribly difficult. Losing an animal is never … Continue reading

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The Journey Comes To An End…

  Elvis’s journey has reached its final destination. This morning, Randall, Dr. Walthall and I made the wrenching decision to put him to sleep. The bloating that we had seen over the last couple of days had done serious work … Continue reading

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Meowmy is worried about Elvis

Meowmy is fretting. She said Elvis has started retaining water, and with his congestive heart problems, she’s worried. He had put on some weight, and she said this morning that even though the weight is down, it’s still to high, … Continue reading

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Tanya, our Shelter Cat Saturday from July 16, has been adopted! Way to go Tanya!    

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Another Elvis Update

Things are still going really, really well with Elvis. The swelling around the sutures has just about disappeared. There’s a bit of residual redness, but not much and it seems to be disappearing, too. He’s been a good boy about … Continue reading

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Meowny is so mean

I heard her threatening to take a Sharpie to Elvis’ butt and draw a smiley face on it so she’d have something to see other than his bald butt!

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An Elvis Update :)

It’s been a good day over here. The swelling around the surgery site has gone way down. I’m seeing just a bit of redness, but nothing that sets off alarms, and the licking he’s done is short and sweet. He’s … Continue reading

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No Sunday with Ollie today

Which you could have probably figured out on your own. We’re busy with Elvis over here (he’s doing really well), so today’s posting (and *maybe* TAC) is on vacation this weekend.

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