Tuesday’s Artful Cats, May 3, 2011

Seems like I’ve finally left the bathroom and wandered outside. :)

It’s spring planting time (and in some parts of the country, it’s past that), and since a lot of us would like some plant color, I thought having something catty to plant stuff in might be nice. So today’s Artful Cats offering are cat planters. (I’ve purposely left off vintage planters…there are far too many of them, and many aren’t reliably available.)

Cat birdcage planter

Scary Cat Planter


Tiger Cat


Cast stone kitty


Painted kitty planter

Lazy cat chia grass planter


Garfield planter


Crazy cat


Mini-Chessie planter


Mini-Siamese planter


Mini-stray cat planter


Persian Cat Planter


Large Chessie Planter


Mini-kitty planter


Glamour cat planter

Large Stray Cat Planter


Sylvester Chia Grass Planter


Pottery Cheshire Cat Planter

Twin white cat planters

Calico Tabby Planter

Black and White Cat Pottery Planter


Torbie Pottery Planter

White Cat Pottery Planter

Grey Cat Metal Planter

Brown Stripe Cat Pottery Planter

Black Cat Pottery Planter


Kittens Planter


Black Cat Metal Planter

Cats in Bloom




Hanging Planter

Laurel Burch


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6 Responses to Tuesday’s Artful Cats, May 3, 2011

  1. Catsparella says:

    Ohh..I love these! I want a kitty planter now!

  2. Oh those are cute planters! Too bad I have a brown thumb (though I blame the fact that we are in shade on both sides of the house for most of the day!!

  3. donna says:

    My mom has a solution for that…silk plants. :)

  4. Nikita Cat says:

    What a beautiful, and amusing, collection.

    • donna says:

      There are some really cool planters out there. I didn’t realize just how many “cat” ones there were.