Tuesday’s Artful Cats, March 10, 2011

I swear there are literally HUNDREDS of ways to welcome people with cat signs. :) Too many for one posting.

So I’ve waded through a whole bunch of cute signs, but I’ve decided that today we’ll welcome the world with metal or stone (including stone looks). Caveat: I’ve done my best to be sure of the materials, but you’ll want to check carefully if you find you just can’t live without something. It’s possible a non-metal or non-stone was able to sneak by me.

Also, in a lot of cases, there’s a good number of plaques from one vendor or craftsman…you’ll want to check their site to make sure you’ve seen all they have to offer.


AM 1

AM 2

AM 3

AM 4

AM 5

AM 6

AM 7

AM 8

AM 9

AM 10

Cat pair

Standing cat

Personalized resin

Jim Shore resin

Medieval cat

Sitting cat

Looking up


Tabby slate

Cat and mouse

Three cat welcome

Personalized slate

Black cat slate (this vendor has MANY breeds/colors available)

Hiding cats

Circle sitting

Circle standing

Hand crafted



Circle alert

Standing slate

Carruth plaque

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One Response to Tuesday’s Artful Cats, March 10, 2011

  1. Oh those are all wonderful welcome signs – we don’t have a welcome sign at our house but then again we don’t get that many visitors. But I think if I had one I would want to have a kitty on it for sure!