Black Cat Friday Requirements

I really would like to see the Black Cat Friday posts start up again. So, with fingers crossed, here are the requirements for being considered for BCF:

Every Friday, Ollie is going to pick out a picture(s) of a black cat to post in honor of his blog’s new weekly event: Black Cat Friday.

For those black cats who want to participate, have your human send in a photo to:
ollie@dh dot gridspace dot net

Requirements for consideration:

You MUST be a black (or predominantly black) cat
Your name
Your human’s name
General location

Also, if your human would like to write a bit about you, that will go on the post as well.

Email addresses won’t be published. Photos will be reduced to fit the blog.

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2 Responses to Black Cat Friday Requirements

  1. Hi Ollie nice to meet you! ♥
    Spooky Do & Anakin (2 x black cats)
    Jewelgirls Katz