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Worst fears of an animal owner…

I had read about this yesterday on my Devon Rex mailing list, but the details were still sketchy. Sadly, today, more is known.

For those of us who have watched the fires in Bastrop (and really anyone who has ever had a home in the path of a wildfire) we’ve all known that when homes and businesses got in the way, many times there would still be animals left inside who hadn’t made it out during evacuations.

For a longtime pair of Devon Rex breeders, this came home in the most haunting and horrible way.

Joan and Louis Simmons had left their home in the Bastrop area over the Labor Day weekend to visit relatives. They came home to a Do Not Cross line set up by rescue teams responsible for evacuating the area. They were not allowed to return to home…a home that still held their  cats and four dogs. Joan experienced a cardiac event and was taken to an area hospital. Meanwhile, no one knew what the fate of their homes or animals would be.

Today we know.  And a more horrible situation I just can’t imagine. :(

Terri O’Shea of the Devon Rex Rescue League sent the following to the mailing list:

Good Afternoon Devon World,

It is with tears in my eyes and deep sorrow in my heart that I write to
you today.  I just got off of the phone with Louis Simmons and the news is
not good.  The Texas Wildfires have taken their home and all of their
animals.  They just got word that their house was totally engulfed and
burned to the ground.  Their cats were caged and there was no escape.  They
also lost their 2 poodles, their sister’s dog who was at their house and a
French Bulldog that had been willed to them when Walt and Carol passed away.
The only possessions that they now have are the clothes that they were
wearing.  They have lost everything.  Joan remains in the hospital but had a
problem with her blood sugar after the news and has been moved to the ICU.

These wonderful people have been anchors in the Devon community for
decades.  They have always been there for any devon in need or in rescue.
It is our turn to be there for them.  We are setting up a fundraiser to help
them defray some of the costs of displacement during this horrible time.
Please find it in your heart to share some of your fortune in this moment of
their misfortune.

> Contributions can be sent through PayPal through the DRRL at or mailed directly to me at 916 Pecore St,
Houston, TX, 77009.  Please make sure you earmark the donation for Joan and
Louis in the notes section in Paypal or the memo section of your check.
Please, reach as deeply as you can.  Let’s make a difference!

Terri O’Shea

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Blogger addy

I hope to have the RSS feed moved over by Saturday, but for right now, here’s the link to Ollie’s blog over on Blogger.

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Moving Back To Blogger, September 7, 2011

Well, the great WordPress experiment is over, and the verdict is in. Ollie’s blog is moving back over to its old digs on Blogger. There are just some issues with WordPress that make the blog’s continued presence here impossible.

So, starting tomorrow, the posting will happen there and over here on WordPress. Hopefully by Saturday, the RSS stuff will be moved over to there, and posting can happen just on the Blogger site.

I will NOT be moving all the posts from WordPress over to there. It’s a major pain, so what I will do instead is put a link down on the right hand side that points to it. I will probably make a few visual changes, but I don’t expect many. The blog was pretty well set when I left it, so I don’t anticipate too many changes.

Sorry for the confusion, and I want to thank Ollie’s readers for making the trek over. Hopefully, you’ll all make the trek back.

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Shelter Cat, Mid-week


This sweet little black cat is running out of time in Carrollton. She came in with babies, and they found homes, but she hasn’t. And her time is just about up. If anyone in the Dallas area has room for this sweet black beauty, get in touch with Carrollton Animal Services. She needs a savior.

“You all may remember this pretty lady from a couple of weeks back, she has been lucky in that we have had enough room to give her two extra weeks to find a home but she has not been lucky enough to find one. She came in originally as a stray with four kittens that were old enough and have found homes of their own, Now this great cat needs a home too and she is hoping that just the right one will come along soon. She is very friendly and lives to be petted and loved on.”


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Tuesday’s Artful Cats, September 6, 2011

Need something to stuff all your stuff into? Get a new tote!

Bombay (Be sure and check this seller. There are LOTS of breeds offered.)


Laurel Burch - another designer to look at for choices


LJ Grove makes many different tote colors and cat depictions


LJ Grove also has a lot of black/white designs






Tote and umbrella











And now for some Just Black Cats totes. :)






Chatty Nora













Black and white







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Doggie got hope!

Meowmy let me see sweet Dallas’ chip-in link today, and DALLAS GOT HOPE! Meowmy told me in five hours, the chip in got MORE than it needed. By over $100…that’s A LOT OT HOPE!

Meowmy said Dallas is tagged for rescue at the shelter where I stayed for awhile. She’s going to a really great group called Spindletop Rescue down in Houston tomorrow. The good folks there will board her for three months and give her good V-E-T care and food. And Dallas needs LOTS of food.

I’m so happy for Dallas. She’s going to a place where she’ll get a lot of love and care. And then she can find her FUREVER HOME!

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Givin’ a doggie hope!

Meowmy showed me these pictures and I almost cried…well, I meowed a LOT…and I told Meowmy to PUT THIS ON MY BLOG so maybe some of my furiends would pester their parents to help Dallas.

Poor Dallas. Her chip-in link is


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Sunday with Ollie, September 4, 2011

Wwhhhhhhhaaaaaa?????? Where’s the rest of my friend?????

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Shelter Cat Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today is a two-fer!

The first entry in SCS is Miss Kitty, a darling little lady who is languishing in the HSCT cat room. She’s been there awhile, and I *know* she’d love to be sprung.

Miss Kitty


Our second SCS featured cat is Larry. Larry is up in Irving, Texas at Petsmart. He’s got it pretty good, but I know he’d be happier if he was in a home of his own!


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